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Converse Work – C3288 Internal Metatarsal Guard

A few weeks ago I helped photograph for the upcoming 2012 edition of the Converse Work product catalog.  My focus during the shoot was the Converse C3288, a work boot featuring a Flex-Met internal metatarsal guard.  The location also offered some interesting lighting, atmosphere, and textures for portraits and scenery photography.  I attempted some off […]

To DNG, or Not to DNG

I don’t do much lengthy writing on this blog, I try to keep it to just photos and captions, but this issue has been on my mind lately and I feel it is important enough to warrant a blog post. Over the past few days I have been rethinking how I manage my digital workflow […]

Parkour – The Art of Movement

As a kid I preferred kicking a soccer ball to tumbling and rolling on mats, but seeing Kyle “Epic” Mendoza, Jon “Jonchi” Walter, Nick Stallons, and V. Elly Smith do back flips, hand stands, and vaults makes me wish I had given gymnastics a chance.  These Parkour athletes are so in tune with how their […]